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Sky Ridge Medical Center

Meet Our Spine Surgeons

Denver Spine/Neck Surgeons

John Barker, MD

Dr. John Barker, Spine Surgeon Denver"We are proud to have performed the first artificial disk replacement surgery at Sky Ridge."

Eric Jamrich,MD

Dr. Eric Jamrich, Spine Surgeon Denver"We do a high volume of revision surgery to repair things after surgery that did not go well elsewhere."

Brent Kimball,MD


Michael Madsen, MD

"I specialize in minimally invasive surgery, treatment of spinal deformities, trauma, and motion sparing surgery such as disc arthroplasty."

Hugh McPherson, MD

Dr. Hugh McPherson, Spine Surgeon Denver"I am interested in motion preservation technology, complex disorders of the spine, trauma and scoliosis."

Lloyd Mobley, MD

Dr. Lloyd Mobley, Spine Surgeon Denver"Sky Ridge supports the cutting edge technology that I utilize to perform the full complement of spine surgery; including minimally invasive surgery, cervical and lumbar disc replacement as well as 3D navigated fusions."

Chad Prusmack, MD

Dr. Chad Prusmack, Spine Surgeon Denver"Our goal is to help our patients recover faster and keep their musculature intact so they can resume an active lifestyle."

Michael Rauzzino, MD

Dr. Michael Rauzzino, Spine Surgeon Denver"Education is key so that patients can fully participate in selecting the best treatment options for themselves."